The results were truly different in just one session!  -Debra Wendt

What They Say About Us

“I would highly recommend Laulima Physical Therapy for your rehab sessions and Physical Therapy.”  

Debra Wendt

Costumer's Rating
"Martina was the first therapist to figure out why my shoulder was causing me pain and had limited motion for years. After working with her I know have almost full range of motion and am able to fully use my right arm again, things I was told wouldn't ever do! I have chronic pain from having loose joints and have found relief and practical solutions to managing it through working with her."
-Jennifer Rutherford

"Martina has been a wonderful physical therapist to work with. She uses variety of techniques based on what my body needs and always helps me to get through all the chronic aches and pains I have. It s difficult to get through my daily routine, but Martina makes it possible. She is very strong and knowledgeable and there is nobody else I would rather have helping me feel better."
-Cassie Castillo
"Hi my name is Erin H. After a fall from a ladder at roof level. I spent four days in the Hospital. My recovery was slow. I received some Physical Therapy on the Main Land before relocating here to Kapolei Hi. Just after the move here I was in so much pain that I went to the emergency room. I was referred to Physical Therapy and started to work with Martina or shall I say she started working on me. I look forward to seeing her happy face knowing that when she is done adjusting my body I walk out feeling 100% better than when I walked in. My pain levels has improved so much that I am able to enjoy outings with friends. I am now able to take long walks on the beach with my husband. I love to snorkel and swim in the ocean. Thanks to Martina's loving hands I am able to enjoy life now. Martina has taught me about my body and how to treat it. I am well on my way to a full recovery and a very happy life here in Hawaii. Thank you Martina"
-Erin H.
"Thank you so much for taking away my back pain! Martina Chavis is a professional, very knowledgeable, experienced therapist. I highly recommend her services to everyone with chronic pain. I got hurt after giving birth. Since then (about 6 years ago) I have been in physical therapy. I have seen many doctors, therapist, but nobody could ease my pain. Martina Chavis is the only one that has helped me. She understood my problem and was able to ease my pain. She gave me exercises that I was able to do. Every time I got hurt she fixed me up, (massage, adjustments) give me advise how to exercise properly without hurting myself. I have been treated by her for over a year. Since that time my back and hips are much better. Before I meet her I was in pain every day and night. I couldn't walk, I was limping. Now, I am back to normal; No, pain, I don’t have to take pain killers on daily basis, I can walk, swim, and exercise even run. I am pain free for over 3 months and still continue to do the exercises they have taught me. My posture has greatly improved as well. Thank you for making my life better!" - Anna M.
-Anna m.
"I have been injured so many times that I call myself a professional at healing. Well, this past weekend, my left shoulder was in so much pain that it began to freeze up. I have had this a few times before and know it needs prompt attention. I am a lucky person to have Martina Polakova-Chavis as a friend, so I called her. She told me to come over that evening. When I arrived, she saw how much pain I was in and WOW! No one has ever been able to know what to do and so fast to he...lp the body to heal. She was amazing. It has been 3 days now and my shoulder pain is gone. Anyone, who has had shoulder pain, knows it does not leave in 3 days! Well, good fortune has come to Kapolei, as Martina Polakova-Chavis has opened up a new business, as a Physical Therapist. She is so loving and trully cares about her patients! Please share the word to get her business going, and mostly to help your friends that are in need of a Physical Therapist. They will be so glad you did."
-Robin rene Hoover Doak
"Yes, I'm a former patient. I will confess that I respect her work so much that she has been my preferred PT since my 2013 spinal cord injury such that I followed her- and twice coerced the VA to re-write my authorizations- such that I could see her for PT while she was at two different previous employers. TWO. The only reason I am not seeing her currently is that she literally just started her business and the VA has me going somewhere else... but when that authorization is up, I will definitely head right back!"
-tom yasko
"I have been dealing with a frozen shoulder problem since I injured my shoulder at the gym. I have seen several therapists with just temporary or little results. I'm so very thankful to have gotten Martina at one of my many visits. The results were truly different in just one session! I was truly amazed! I'm so very happy to have found her again in her own business! I would highly recommend Martina and Laulima Physical Therapy for your rehab sessions and Physical Therapy. Martina has great knowledge in her field and is a true professional. Thank you Martina!"
-debra wendt
"If you are looking for a good physical therapist, I want to refer my PT that became my good friend, Martina Chavis. She was my therapist at Stay Fit in Kapolei after my shoulder rotator cuff surgery and had a heart to help me adjust and align my entire body!!! She just opened her own business and is conveniently located in Kapolei. Give her a call you won't regret it! She became a family friend as she also helped my nephew recover from a hamstring injury less than a week so he could play his senior bowl game. She also found the problem with Mark's foot injury from work. Call her today and tell her I referred you! Trust me this is for love, there's no finders fee!!"
-jadeen tuinei
"On News Years Eve I fell 20 feet into a hole trying to recover one of my Sons toys in the dark. I fractured my foot in multiple places and was bed bound for over 4 Months as I was not able to walk at all due to pain. I had been to a few physio therapists and they did everything from talking with me to using feathers which of course did not help me at all. I finally met Martina Chavis and she was able to get me walking again. Martina maximized every minute with me. When Insurance companies only allot a certain amount of visits it is important to have each one count. As an almost 50 year old I thought that I would never walk normally and without pain again. Now, I almost have full flexibility back and am able once again to enjoy my Kids walking on the beach with little to no pain. If you are in need of a physio therapist to actually help you with mobility I cannot recommend Martina enough. My only regret is that I wish I would have met her to begin with." - Ken Hall
-ken hall

“I am in my mid-thirties with two children who are ten years apart. I began experiencing back problems after my first son when I was 21-years old and over the years the pain progressively got worse and more unbearable. I tried different therapies throughout the years and nothing brought relief or any real understanding of what was happening to my body. After my second child the pain became so unbearable I couldn’t stand upright, sit, lay down, bend over or move without sharp pain radiating through my back. Fortunately my husband by chance booked me an appointment with Martina and my life has not been the same since. From my very first physical therapy appointment I was able to walk out of her office standing tall and feeling immense relief. She is very interested in helping people improve their physical well-being which in return improves overall well being. As I write this testimonial I get a little emotional because with Martina’s expertise and knowledge of the body, I am experiencing better quality of life . She takes the time to evaluate, understand what you are feeling, and how to treat you to get you functioning at your optimum level again. She wants to see you get better and offers all of the tools you need to best feel relief from physical pain and dysfunction. I have not been able to perform a squat without pain since I was 20-years-old, I am now 34 and able to perform exercises without pain. I highly recommend Martina and Laulima Physical Therapy to anyone seeking a PT as well as those who are not, such as myself who was never referred to PT by a doctor, but greatly needed one and found her by chance!”  -Jessica eskina