Meet Martina

Martina Chavis, DPT

Martina is the owner and Founder of Laulima Physical Therapy. She was born and raised in Czechoslovakia with a passion for helping people and a love for travel, swimming, and athletics. 

Specializing in Geography and Physical Education, Martina completed 2 years at University of Presov in Slovakia. From there, she moved to the United States, pursuing a career in Physical Therapy, a natural fit. 

Martina’s Doctorate was received in 2012 from Wayne State University in Michigan and she has been serving patients on O’ahu, Hawaii, ever since.   

Advanced Experience

Martina’s first job was for a Team Rehabilitation Company that was the primary provider for the Detroit Lions. She uses this experience along with the knowledge gained from Kinesiotaping courses taken to help other athletes suffering from ACL injuries, hamstring strains and shoulder instabilities transition back into the sport they love.

Martina is trained in advanced musculoskeletal techniques including spinal manipulations, muscle energy techniques, and neuromuscular retraining. 


 Martina is an APTA registered member on the island of Oahu. She specializes in using Rapid Release. This tool breaks up scar tissues and adhesions from old injuries without causing further pain. 

Moreover, Martina takes a holistic approach to your recovery. She knows that your daily posture / positioning, sleeping patterns, stress, and the way you walk can all affect your pain and function. Her primary goal is to strive towards the best communication and patient advocacy.